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Finding Legacies

Journals or books for reunions? Ask me!

Photo Montages..... Oral History.....Memoirs

Let's transfer those old photos to a CD or your computer!

BIO - Paul Stefanowicz

Tenafly, New JerseyBorough Historian

Member of Association of Personal Historians

Tenafly Historic Preservation Commission

Tenafly Chamber of Commerce

Giving you:

Personal and family history writing

Memoir and biography crafting - Oral History

Personal photo restoration & organizing services

"THE BASIC PACKAGE "-The perfect gift for  your parents or grandparents:

Memoir of Loved One - $300 includes 2 hour interview, up to 10 pictures and a finished spiral bound book. Upgrades available.

PHOTO RESTORATIONS - digital cleaning and repair of images - $30/hr

Fee List

A. Family Histories/Memoirs/Biographies:

1. $300 - The Basic Package - a 2-hour interview, followed by a written family history, which
  can include up to 10 scanned photos, printed in a spiral book with color photos. (one copy) Upgrades 

2. $399 - The Enhanced Package - 3 -hour interview plus CD with the interview on it, written family history with up to 12 photos,   printed in a spiral book (3 copies) Upgrades Available

3. $1200 - Paperback Edition - Full memoir and Oral History on CD, with up to 12 images in paperback book, up to 10 copies. Extra copies at cost.

4. $2,999 - The Granddaddy - Full family history or memoir, oral history on CD, fully illustrated with photos, in a fancy book with slick paper, up to 5 copies. Leather bound is possible but an upgrade.

B. Services - Interviews/Photo Restorations - a la carte
$25/hr - Oral History interviews - I have questions for the subject person or you can help provide them
$25/hr - General Family history writing, freelance memoir writing, over and above any package deal
$30/hr - Photo restoration, "photoshopping" - cleaning of images and repair, digitally
$35/hr - Photo scanning - taking original images and scanning onto a CD or DVD, so you can put on your computer

Extras Available on History Books: Price depends on scope of project
Squarebound softcover/paperback books
Hardcover books
Shiny stock and  professional design
Photo-dominant books

Reunion Books - Slide Shows